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Vivek Manda
Vivek Manda

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Disease free solution

60% of the diseases like Headaches, Vomitings, Viral fevers occur due to improper treatment of wastes in home. The process of waste management & disposal possess high threat in bacteria, fungus & virus transmission, which must be effectively seen into!

UV Technology needs a new type of approach to successfully hit the market. Our approach is unique and we wont stop at waste treatment solution. Data and statistics prove that our approach will be effective.

OUR #ADAPTIVE waste treatment #PRODUCT #SOLUTION to virus free environment.

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Waste treatment being the potential start to kill existing & emerging viruses, we have developed UV Sterilizing Bins of industry required variants.

We are seeking support & potential community to reach profitable audience. we are open for #Seedfundings, #Equityinvestments & co-operative venturing.


Delivering our MVP i.e., UV Sterilizing Dustbins as an opening opportunity to post pandemic prevention control.


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• Automation services
• Product Innovation
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• Franchise Development
• Business Collaborations

UVC DUSTBIN Product launch video-
UVC BIN Prototype -

Vivek Manda
+61 451316377

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