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7 tools help tech startups to grow fast

1- Bluehost:
Tech startups depend on website and Mobile application. When you build the web you will buy the domain like bluehost

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2-Designmodo :**

After buying domain hosting. create a website from scratch without design experience.

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3-Landingi :**
When you build landing page to one service or tech product.
![Image description(
4-Loganix :**
Good tool for organic search optimization, pay per click and content comprising.
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5-Landbot :
If you want to create conversational chatbots, conversational landing pages & websites, interactive surveys, lead generation bots & more. Intuitively Without code.

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Excellent tool supports tech startups in customer service, sales, marketing and features live chat, meeting scheduling and email tracking.

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online marketing tool and channel helps business get more customers and sales.

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Great resources, thanks for sharing!