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Welcome everyone!

It is super awesome to be expanding to this full online platform - just for the Tech Startup Community!

Please share any questions, advice or feedback here. Feel free to post here and on our Discord server.

We want this to be an awesome platform with more of a community feel to it. It is also a more structured / organised version of our Discord server, so we hope that you find it valuable.

As always, if you have any questions, thoughts or issues, please let us know!

Getting started

Start by doing any of the following (with their associated tags):

  • Post about your startup (#startup-introduction)
  • Ask a question (#question)
  • Introduce yourself (#introduction)
  • And anything else!

And finally, introduce yourself below!

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Hello! I am James. I am currently creating a video and audio streaming service called ArchWatch, you can check out my post about that. Like Charles, I am excited to see the outcome of this community.

If you have any startup related questions, @ me in the post!
Thanks for joining!

charles profile image
Charles Author

Hi, I'm Charles, the founder and CEO of the Tech Startup Community. I'm excited to see the future of this community and build it with your help! Thanks for joining!