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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta

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Gig4U: Hire Freelancers or Find Freelance Jobs

Did you know, Gig4U is an Indian originated freelance marketplace, established in 2021. In 1 year of venture, Gig4U has 15K vetted freelancers and opening opportunities to grow individual finances, and connect with high-paying clients worldwide. Gig4U offers a number of benefits through its platform to gig workers:
Free signup and Portfolio Creation. Based on freelancers' portfolio they are recommended to clients for the relevant jobs.
Safe and Secure. Every business, agency, entrepreneur registered on the platform are verified and personally connected by Team. Also, in terms of payment, Gig4U incorporates ESCROW payment mechanism and clients need to add funds in ESCROW before starting work.
No Membership Fee. You need to signup to browse the job in your expertise domain but no membership fee is required to bid on any freelance project. You can bid unlimited for free.
Lowest Service Fee. Gig4U charge the lowest service i.e. 7% on competing every project.
Reviews and Ratings. Gig4U also allows clients to review your work and rate the experience that helps you attract more clients and get more projects on Gig4U.

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